My cats and their garden

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I have 2 huge indoor cats and a stray outside that I can’t touch. Let me introduce you.

Ginger is the biggest. A handsome guy, 35 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail when in a straight line. He is built like a rugby player, chunky and strong (and also overweight). He is bright, curious and challenging of everything. He is likes people and company and comfort and is very much the top cat.

Ginger 8.10.2011

Crumb, his brother, is the middle sized cat.

Crumb 16.7.2014

Crumb is still a big cat, but just not quite so big as Ginger. Crumb is super good with his instincts, like hunting and fishing, but not quite so good at understanding about us humans. As a result he doesn’t really trust being indoors, even preferring to eat outside. He has set up an upstairs territory, his safe place is under Mum’s bed at the top of the house. Ginger can bully him, just because Ginger is so big, but most of the time they get along just fine.

The cat shelters…….

When Ginger moved in we didn’t have a cat flap, and no obvious place to put one. We settled on becoming porters, opening and shutting the back door as required. This meant that unless we were constantly in attendance Ginger would be waiting occasionally. There was shelter by the back door, but something more seemed a good idea. The bench become a cat shelter :-

Bench bones

The bones of the bench shelter. With a tarpaulin over it today it looks like this:-

Cat Bench 22.6.2018

There are also a couple of chairs with boxes on them. Ginger likes the one that looks along the garden. Crumb likes to sit in or on the boxes.

9.1.2020   (2) Ginger and Crumb, what winter

11.1.2020     (6) Battle of wills for the chair.

Then, opposite the back door under a plastic roof, are other boxes. They are also platforms where the cardboard boxes are also platforms…

12.3.2019  lunch on a rainy day.

….and a cat carrying case which can also be sat on.

24.9.2019 Rainy day.  (18)

All this amounts to the garden being their garden that I grow things in too.


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