The Cat with the Snail in the Tail, Book.

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This is a story for younger children to be read with an adult. It is about a snail that becomes trapped in the Ginger’s fur and brought indoors, and how it gets out again. This happens a lot. The cats go into the garden and lay under bushes where lots of mini-beasts live. If they lay on top of a beetle it has to struggle through the fur to get out. Usually it is successful, but some creatures get stuck and then brought indoors before releasing themselves, or being released by the humans the cats live with. In hot weather, with the back door always open, the debris that trails in is constantly being refreshed by new dead flowers, dry leaf fragments, twigs and dried soil bits. The cats tails are the perfect upright brush to collect spiders webs from the lower regions of the garden, and the spiders are often there along with their captured and bound flies. Other creatures to be carted indoors include woodlice, slugs and ants. This story, though, is about a snail.

The story is 19 pages long and fully illustrated. The text is written in rhyme. It can be found on Flickr here:-

To give you an idea of what it looks like here are the front 3 pages:-

Page 1 A

Page 2 A

Page 3 A

If you would like that link to the story again here it is :-

I hope you enjoy it!



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